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My “Happy Plugs” headphone case


The thing about me and headphones is that I end up breaking them down. After some tries, with different brands, it seems that finally, I have a pair which is going to last. My “happy plug” hands free are comfortable and I use them every day. One thing that I also liked, is that they come in a pretty little box which I thought of using it as their carrying case. Since its material allows it, I decided to remake it. The only thing that I needed was a decoupage paper, from any craft and supplies shop, glue for decoupage, a brush and scissors. I cut two little pieces, big enough for the bottom and the sides.

Tip: In case the paper comes over the edges, use scissors to cut it even and then turn the edges inside the box and glue them. It will be the perfect finishing.

Hope to enjoy it and I ll see you very soon! Bye!


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