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Dressing table tools/ ZOEVA makeup brushes

Let’s talk about hair! It’s not about your hair nor I will give you ideas how to keep them shiny and healthy. Maybe, in an other post…

It has been about a month since I got in my hands the ZOEVA ROSE GOLDEN luxury set. Professional brushes, with great expectations and strong outcome. I use them daily and I’m totally happy. The kit I own, contains 7 different brushes, 4 for the face and 3 for the eyes. It’s a basic kit, with everything you need daily and it’s what you can take with you in a trip. You will have all you need.

The brushes came in beautiful leather purse with golden-rose details on the brand and the zipper. The purse expect from beautiful is also practical, because you can place in there more make up products plus to the brushes. So it can be rather easily your purse, if you like minimal makeup routines or you carry everywhere with you, your makeup.

Even if every brush has written on it, its own use, I use them in a bit different way.

102/SILK FINISH, very useful for the countering part of my make up, usually I blend my bronze with it

106/POWDER, excellent for the powder

110/FACE SHAPE, usually I use it for the highlighting parts

127/LUXE SHEER CHEEK, easy for the blushes, unbelievably soft and blends really well the blush shades on the cheeks

The eye brushes it includes are the 142227231317. The last one I use it for my eyebrows.

The only thing it misses from the kit is a foundation brush and a pencil brush too. None brush it has is easy for me to apply my foundation. The pencil brush would complete the kit, but ZOEVA has taken care of that also… there is a fully ROSE GOLDEN COMPLETE EYE KIT.

Thank you very much! See you soon!


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