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My current favorite skincare products

Let’s talk about face care. It’s important to women to take good care of our skin. Every day we burden it with makeup, chemical products that wear out our skin, resulting in losing its glow. Putting on makeup, for example, results is blocking our pores, so our skin doesn’t breathe. That causes pimples, spots and irritations, markers of something it’s doing wrong. One good face cleaner it will do our job, but it’s not enough. Depending on how each and every one of us burdens her face, she needs the right products that will best clean her face.

Even though I won’t describe my daily routine, I’ll talk to you about the skincare products that I liked the past month.

Now I use CAMOMILE simptuous cleansing butter of Body Shop. The best one that I have tried so far, because it doesn’t dehydrate my face. I use a small quantity to remove all of my makeup, except the eye area, where I use a different product. It’s antiseptic because of the camomille it contains and makes me feel my skin fresh. Many times I don’t have to wash my face with soap after (as I usually do) but go straight to calming lotion.

Garnier Micellar Water Cleansing : for a long time I used this product only. I used it to remove my makeup from all over the face, including eyes and lips. It’s soft enough, never had any irritations, but I felt that I need moisturizing right away. So I decided to use it only at the eye area, where it agrees with me in the most perfect way! It removes easily even the heavier products – like waterproof mascara. I’m very pleased of that product and I will use it again in the future. Also, it’s cheaper than other similar products and it do the job exactly the same.

APIVITA face mask with green clay : it’s my favorite face mask, I will not change it for any reason and is always in my routine. I use it every 3 days for an in depth clean of my skin. It’s soft and so refreshing! I highly recommend it, even for the sensitive skins.

And now some moisturizing! I care to moisturize my face morning and night, after I have clean it correctly. It’s important when we wake up in the morning, to clean our face from the night creams to add the new ones. Accordingly at night, we should clean our skin from the all-day suffering. I use the following products together. They do remarkable job and offer me what they promise.

First, I suffuse a small quantity of La Roche Posay Effaclar DUO, it’s enough to control discolorations and take care of the irritated spots or blemishes. If you have pimples, spots which you want to get rid of fast, it’s a good solution.

Then, I hydrate my entire face with La Roche Posay TOLERIANE ULTRA FLUIDE. Three presses are enough. I suffuse it at the eye area, since it suitable for that area too. Has a pleasant feeling, spreads easily, the skins absorbs it fast and I feel my face refreshed and clean.

These are some of my favorite caring products and the way I use them. I’m not a professional and I share my personal experience and thoughts with you. I would like to know your choices and thoughts or even if you have used on of the above ones.

See you soon! Kisses!


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