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How I saved my notebook!

I like everything to be organized, to be in order. Maybe you have found out that by yourself, especially if you follow me in twitter.

I always use notebooks, because I don’t like forgetting anything. Nowadays I use 4 different notebooks, each for different use/purpose! Probably you would call me a “maniac” about keeping notes, but it’s something I like! I like stationary, cards, notebooks, pens..

The notebook I use to organize my blog, it’s a simple notebook, of recycled paper and craft cover. The accident was that the company which produces them had an ugly sticker on it. So I decided to cover it. It was something messing with my aesthetics. Lots of ideas crossed my mind. A simple sticker, some sticky tapes with various prints I own, even patterns with knitting threads! While I was going through my threads I stumbled upon that intrigued me a lot. Then I decided that the technique I was going to use, was weaving. It’s easy, the only things it needs is some beautiful threads and imagination! But I used only one color.. If you are interested for the technique and how it’s executed, I will make a post for you with a tutorial.

If you are interest to know how I weave let me know in the comments below!

See you soon! Bye!



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