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Sun protection rules


Summer! A lot of heat here! Time to visit the beach! Sea, since in Greece there is a lot of easy access to it, there is also lots of sun! All this simmer sense fills me up! It refreshes me! A lot of positive attitude, beautiful pictures and even beautiful smells!

Since the trips to the beaches have begun, I’ll talk to you about sun protection. Its something necessaryThis time of year i use products with spf exclusively. Even if you don’t expose your body directly to the sun, your face still is and summer sun is harmful. Sun protection is a must. Personally, I use face sunscreen, every morning before my morning moisturizing routine. Something I also think is necessary is lip balm with sun protection. Our lips are sensitive and we usually forget them. But they need moisturizing and protection from the sun, especially those hot months. With two products, you are totally covered for the everyday life.

What happens though, when we visit the beach?

Most of us care mostly about getting tanned, as soon as possible! That’s not always that good. Depending to the skin type and the melanin our body produces, we should accordingly expose us to the sun. Melanin is a group of natural pigments, which are produced in a specialized group of cells known as melanocytes. It’s not that hard to see of you can produce a lot or not. If your skin is white and with sun exposure, you turn red and get sunburned, you don’t have a lot. Instead, if you get tanned easily, then you do. Either way, personally, I don’t suggest a lot of direct exposure to the sun. It’s not healthy.

Overexposure might not have immediate effects, but results in early skin aging and wrinkles over time. Even the appearance of brown spots on the body, also known as melanomas, that you need to pay attention to. If you have moles, is something that needs extra care. We will speak another time for this part.

If don’t get tanned easily, and want to, there are self-tanning crèmes, that trigger the production of melanin in your body, without the direct exposure into the sun. You can try on one of them and since, personally I haven’t, I can’t share any opinion, but I’m interested in yours.

There is also, solarium. But since we, here in Greece, enjoy a lot of sun, I think we don’t need them. Since it’s possible almost at any time we like to, visit some beach for swimming and sun bathing. For the time of sunbathing there are a lot of crèmes and protection oils.

Sunscreens or sunscreens that, also, boost our tanning.

Personally I use sunscreen with a rather low spf, +30 for body and face. I prefer sunbathing between 11 and 1 o’ clock. It’s almost close to the harmful hours, when the sun is directly upon us, but I do that for a week only, until I reach the tanning colour I want. After that I use sunscreen with spf +50 and avoid sunbathing a lot.

It’s good to know your skin limitations and take care of it accordingly. I want and have to emphasize that we should avoid any non safe tanning methods and the products that we use, come from companies that we know/use and are certified.

Have a wonderful summer and a great time!

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