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A little love and my favorite youtube channel

It’s Sunday! THE day! Every week I’m always waiting for its end, like a little kid waiting for an ice cream. It’s a really warm morning, everything boils and I’m laying on the sofa, watching YouTube videos. It’s a habit of mine for the last two years. I’ve got many channels on my list but let’s talk about my favorite… An amazing girl with a special taste of elegance and beauty, with a calm, sweet voice and her beautiful blog. I really love the  I covet thee. All about her style, the music that she uses at her videos, the editing.. When I watch her, it’s always like a private chatting with a friend for beauty tips, fashion and shopping. My best choice of relaxing. Seriously.. Her voice.. Looks like a super calm girl, shy and cute. Make sure to take a look on this channel. Have a nice week’s end. Love you all. Bye


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Μade with love and a lot of imagination. This blog is full of my loves and hobbies! Enjoy!

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  1. kayleigh19902013 says

    She is amazing! She’s got such a soothing voice 🙂 I’ve just started my own channel. Would appreciate if you could follow and take a little look. 😊

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