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How to make your own smoothies at home.

Smoothies are mainly fruit juice and yogurt, all shaken with ice. For the best result we need trimmed ice and a hand blender. I’m not using this method. I use a blender, a hand mixer for coffee and a glass. I choose more than two fruits –e.g. melon, peach, banana- I slice them, skin them and remove the core. Then all go to the blender! I put the yogurt in the glass and I shake it with the hand mixer. As it gets creamy I add slowly the fresh fruit juice while shaking it until it becomes a thick juice. Then I add the ice cubes to be refreshing – no big difference if I had used trimmed ice. Finally I make one more for my little Athanasia, because she’s jealous! If you try to make your own smoothies at home or you have an other recipe, leave a comment. Kisses to all   Advertisements

How I saved my notebook!

I like everything to be organized, to be in order. Maybe you have found out that by yourself, especially if you follow me in twitter. I always use notebooks, because I don’t like forgetting anything. Nowadays I use 4 different notebooks, each for different use/purpose! Probably you would call me a “maniac” about keeping notes, but it’s something I like! I like stationary, cards, notebooks, pens.. The notebook I use to organize my blog, it’s a simple notebook, of recycled paper and craft cover. The accident was that the company which produces them had an ugly sticker on it. So I decided to cover it. It was something messing with my aesthetics. Lots of ideas crossed my mind. A simple sticker, some sticky tapes with various prints I own, even patterns with knitting threads! While I was going through my threads I stumbled upon that intrigued me a lot. Then I decided that the technique I was going to use, was weaving. It’s easy, the only things it needs is some beautiful threads and imagination! …

DIY Project| Make your own soaps

I’m going to be honest with you.. These little soaps are waiting for a looong time to be made! But finally, they are here.. Done! It’s an easy project, where you simple cast the soap in any mold, in any shape you like. The only think I added was the essence (smell) I wanted and some color. It is a nice idea for little presents. You can pack them in small boxes for your loved ones! We will see that, in another post.. 😉 It’s my first video, so you are going to be a bit kind, am I wrong?!   I hope you enjoy, bye!

How to remake your candles

Candles! I like candles a lot. They create atmosphere in your lovely space and leave a great scent. They relax me, they offer me food for thought. Nowadays I have, next to my bed, a candle with lavender scent. The truth is that it burned fast, but not so good and a lot of wax is left at the sides of its tin container. Resulting in a lot of product, being wasted. I took 3 smaller candles, with the same scent which also burned with a lot of residents. So I decided to make them from scratch! Today’s project will show you how to create your own candles or recreate one from your leftovers. The only thing you need to do is to melt your candle and place it in the container of your choice. At first, I removed the candle’s wick by cutting the main body in half and then broke the leftovers in smaller pieces , so they will smelt faster. We don’t want the candle’s wick or the its metal base in our …

DIY sugar body scrub

Looking around in YouTube it crossed my mind that I could make my own body scrub. It turned out to bean easy thing to do! You can find a lot of recipes yourself while searching for DIY projects. I’ll share with you the recipe that I used. All that you need: 1 big bowl 1 cup of white sugar 1 cup of brown sugar 1/2 cup of coconut oil 1/2 cup of olive oil colouring food essential oils of your choice 1 vase to store your scrub     The only thing you do is to put all materials in the bowl and mix! I used 3 drops of food colouring, so the scrub will look a little pink and 3 drops of grapefruit aroma.(You will need more drops of food colouring to change the colour of the scrub into more pink and more than 3drops of grapefruit aroma, if you want a stronger smell)This scrub is a great moisturizer and you can use it 2 or 3 times per week, depending on the needs …

My “Happy Plugs” headphone case

  The thing about me and headphones is that I end up breaking them down. After some tries, with different brands, it seems that finally, I have a pair which is going to last. My “happy plug” hands free are comfortable and I use them every day. One thing that I also liked, is that they come in a pretty little box which I thought of using it as their carrying case. Since its material allows it, I decided to remake it. The only thing that I needed was a decoupage paper, from any craft and supplies shop, glue for decoupage, a brush and scissors. I cut two little pieces, big enough for the bottom and the sides. Tip: In case the paper comes over the edges, use scissors to cut it even and then turn the edges inside the box and glue them. It will be the perfect finishing. Hope to enjoy it and I ll see you very soon! Bye!