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Weekly instafood board

An other quick post with some of my meals and my habits. Many times I take pictures of my coffee. It’s a beloved habit of mine. I love espresso, almost an addict I would dare to say. I enjoy the whole process from getting out of house to sitting down at a café. Personally I drink coffee daily, one to two doses at least. I enjoy tasting it in various café, since there are a lot of brands, various blends and different technics in the making. Especially during the summer, I prefer cold espresso, the way here in Greece we serve it and we call it freddo espresso. If you ever visit my country give it a try! Advertisements

Walk around the streets

Walking around today’s Greece. Cold, empty streets, something like a ghost town from the movies. Less traffic. A coffee at noon. Walking around the city, listening to people talking about the economical and political status of our country. Summer isn’t here for us, yet. Patiently we will wait. For a little while more… Wait for my first try to share my outfits. Until then, bye  

My insta-food week collection

Let me tell you about my passion to jams. Fruity and colourful week for me. Coffee is always on my plans. Once a day maybe twice.. Its my perfect combination for a good starting of the day. Fruits are a good way to treat yourselves in the summer. Lot of water and healthy sugar, gives you energy and makes your skin looks fresh. Give a try to smoothies recipes, I found them very tasty. Have a good evening. Until the next post, byeee

Insta-food board

Irrelevant to the other sections of my blog i decided to share with you something i like and enjoy a lot.. My food and dietary habits! It has been a while since i try to be more careful, not following a diet or trying to lose weight, only aiming to a good and healthy nutrition. Every Monday, you will find a small collage of photographs coming mostly from my instagram. You can follow! You can, also, find all my social media profile pages, on the top of the page. If you need more information, just ask!

FLORETTA cafe bar

  Looking around in my files, I stumbled upon some photographs of a friend’s coffee shop. A warm, with unique design and aesthetics place where every small detail been taken care of. Good service and cozy atmosphere. I would like to emphasize that one coffee. The first day I held, for the first time, their new take away cup, designed by a talented man. It’s the most original and inspired and beautiful take away coffee cup. You can take a look at FLORETTA cafe bar See you soon! Bye!