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A new home for me

If you don’t already know,  I m moving home. A few months ago I decided to make a little update in this blog. So I m almost ready to share with you my new blog, with the new link and the updated content. I will love it if you follow me there, sharing with me your habits and your hobbies. Hope to stay tuned Advertisements

A little love and my favorite youtube channel

It’s Sunday! THE day! Every week I’m always waiting for its end, like a little kid waiting for an ice cream. It’s a really warm morning, everything boils and I’m laying on the sofa, watching YouTube videos. It’s a habit of mine for the last two years. I’ve got many channels on my list but let’s talk about my favorite… An amazing girl with a special taste of elegance and beauty, with a calm, sweet voice and her beautiful blog. I really love the  I covet thee. All about her style, the music that she uses at her videos, the editing.. When I watch her, it’s always like a private chatting with a friend for beauty tips, fashion and shopping. My best choice of relaxing. Seriously.. Her voice.. Looks like a super calm girl, shy and cute. Make sure to take a look on this channel. Have a nice week’s end. Love you all. Bye  


New month! Let it be beautiful and creative.. Full of colors and smells, those that spring offers us generously. I like this time of year. It is the time that the dull colors of winter go aside slowly and their place take new, bright and full of cheer colors.. these that shyly foresee the summer 😉 So.. Have a nice month!

5 beautiful thoughts about the new year

Happy New Year! May 2015 be full of joy! A new year has just begun! The time that all of us exchange wishes, smiles and feel a fresh start or a restart in our lives! Perfect moment to make decisions and set goals for the New Year. Since I’m organized and I like to keep a schedule I use an organizer for the things I shouldn’t forget. Birthdays, name days, obligations and many different things that must be done in the year. On the other hand, there are those things we shouldn’t forget even though they aren’t written down in a notebook. If 2014 hadn’t been a good year for you, the New Year has a lot of possibilities Here is your chance to smile! Smiling is healthy and it can lure everyone around you even if they aren’t willing to smile. Think positive! There are two sides in everything, it’s in your hand to see the glass half full and fill your everyday life with beautiful thoughts. Say “yes” to what you declined last …

If life had a color, which one would it be?

On Facebook a friend asked me: “if life had a color, which one would it be?” Let’s analyze it then… Life is something very beautiful, that all of us want to enjoy… right…? So if it was a color, it would be white and that’s all. This general and fast conclusion comes from the fact that white is the only color that is bright itself, symbolizes joy, happiness and is the only color that can mix with the other and give us combinations.. In life we all make our choices and we define our future. It’s the white color that allows the existence of other colors on it, leaves room for another stroke.. Finishing, white color in some places of the world is the mourning color, because it represents eternal life.. So there will be no better choice than this color to attribute the meaning of life! White, bright, pure and ready to accept the choices of everyone and each of us!